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Thank you for visiting NatureScripts where we focus on the details.  Lisa Ochwat offers inspirational and unique letter art for your home or someone you love.  Lisa’s original alphabet photography of naturally occurring letters in nature framed into words presents the opportunity to see ordinary things with a new outlook.  Letter pictures become name art and a unique gift for a wedding, baby shower housewarming or special occasion.

I absolutely love your designs and think your work is beautiful! I am looking to buy a wedding gift for my fiance. We attended a marriage course our church offered and they explained how we should love each other: totally, freely, faithfully, and fruitfully. I would love to have these made into the nature frames your site offers to hang in our bedroom...

Each frame is handcrafted by a Pennsylvania Amish artisan. Share a NatureScript today and watch the amazement as others discover a whole new way to see the world.

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