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So how did a full-time school counselor end up photographing, compiling, and selling her own word-pictures?

Remember the old 35mm, self-winding cameras with the disposable flash? Or disc cameras? How about the “panoramic” fad? At different times in my life, I’ve had and loved all of them. And now, with the advent of digital cameras, we have more options than ever and I can’t wait to see what comes next!

Although I have no formal training in photography, my camera has always been at my side for capturing social events from my childhood, making photo collages as keepsake gifts for my friends, or preserving the beautiful images I find in the world around me. In fact that is how this all got started.  I wanted to craft a unique wedding gift for my cousin and created the word “love” using alphabet photography.  I had so much fun taking the letter pictures that I soon had a full alphabet (now known as Alphabet Photgraphy) and decided to create more inspirational words for others.

My love of nature is apparent in all of my word-pictures. Some of the photographs I take come from my favorite local spots, while others come from my travels near and far. Soon I’ll have visited all fifty states! I get my inspiration from nature, of course, but also from certain words and quotations that have imparted wisdom and solace to me over the years. Through the words and sayings conveyed by my pictures, I hope to share that inspiration with others.

With summers off each year, I enjoy plenty of time to exercise my creative spirit in ways that reflect my interests as well as a few of the causes that are important to me. I’ve always had a big heart for animals and the natural world around me.  NatureScripts utilizes frames made by a local Amish artisan in order to help support the local economy and avoid unnecessary over utilization of resources.

I'm excited to have found a niche that encompasses photography, my love of nature, my explorations of the natural world, gift giving and my support of causes near and dear to my heart. Thank you for sharing in my passion. -Lisa

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